We Are La Vernia
On Monday April 16th and Tuesday April 17th, the La Vernia High School students, faculty and staff will be taking part in the “We Are La Vernia – Real People, Real Conversations” event.  The purpose of this event is to build a sense of community for LVHS students, highlight the wonderful aspects of the La Vernia community and community members, and instill pride in being from La Vernia in LVHS students.     In order to accomplish this, we need volunteers from the La Vernia community to come in and engage in small group conversation with LVHS students.  Community members can volunteer for any amount of time during those two days – we will work with your schedule!  Volunteers will speak with multiple small groups of students throughout the day highlighting why they chose to live in La Vernia, their involvement in the La Vernia community, what they feel that they have contributed to the La Vernia community and what the La Vernia community has meant to them. Volunteers must be willing to have candid conversations and answer appropriately asked questions that LVHS students will be preparing ahead of time.   If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form at goo.gl/yxVHz5 or contact Nicole Ellis the HS Librarian at nicole.ellis@lvisd.org or 830-779-6630 et. 3225.  Please note that due to safety concerns, all volunteers must be registered no later than Friday April 13th.  Thank you so much for your interest in serving LVHS students and making La Vernia an even better place to be!