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The PSAT is the best preparation for the SAT Reasoning Test. Students in the 11th grade who take the test and meet other program entry requirements may enter the National Merit Scholarship Corporations. The PSAT is a comprehensive tool that gives valuable feedback to the both the student and school on how to improve academically. The PSAT tests in the areas of critical reading, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills.


The SAT Reasoning Test attempts to measure your ability to do college level work in the verbal/math/writing areas. Each section of the test is scored from a 200-800. The highest possible score is a 2400. For free online practice tests try this site


The ACT attempts to measure skills closely related to the content of courses in the high school curriculum in four subject areas: English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning. All four scores are averaged together to form a composite score. Each of the four scores as well as the composite score can range from 0-36, with approximately 21 being the national average last year.


The SAT SUBJECT TESTS are required by some colleges as a second step in testing and are generally used not for admissions but for placement in a proper level. Check with your college to determine whether an SAT subject test is required. An SAT SUBJECT TEST measures specific knowledge from a specific course taken in high school.



Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is on of the best aptitudes available. This test is recommended for any students but specifically for those considering any branch of the military as a possible career. Taking the test does not commit you to joining the military service. It offers you great information about your abilities.

When is it administered? Seven times a year Six times a year
What is the test structure? Ten section exam: Three critical reading, three Math, three Writing, and one Experimental. The Experimental is masked to look like a regular section. Four section exam: English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning. An Experimental section is added to tests on certain dates only, and is clearly experimental.
What is the test content?+ Math: Up to 9th grade basic geometry and Algebra II.
Science: NONE
Reading: sentence completions, short and long critical reading passages, reading comprehension
Writing: an essay, and questions testing grammar, usage, and word choice.
Math: up to trigonometry. Science: charts, experiments. Reading: four passages, one each of Prose Fiction, Social Science, Humanities, and Natural Science.
English: Stresses grammar
Is there a penalty for wrong answers? YES NO
How is the test scored? 200-800 per section, added together for a combined score. A 2400 is the highest possible score. 1-36 for each subject averaged for a composite score. A 36 is the highest possible score.
Are all scores sent to schools? YES if the student requests a score report to be sent to specific colleges, the report will include the scores the student received on every SAT taken NO. There is a “score choice” option. Students can choose which schools will receive scores AND which scores the school will see
Are there other uses for exams? Scholarship purposes. Scholarship purposes. Certain statewide testing programs
Best time to register? At least six weeks before the test date At least four weeks before the test date
Need more information? Educational Testing Service (ETS)
The College Board
ACT, Inc.

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